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    CRRC Dalian R&D Co., Ltd. (CRRC Dalian R&D) is a hi-tech company founded by former China CNR Corporation Limited in a bid to quicken the improvement of the independent innovation capability of the core technology of rail transportation equipment electric traction and accelerate the pace of independent development support of core technological products. The company is chiefly engaged in the core technology research, key product development, manufacturing organization, marketing applications and laboratory testing services in the field of electric traction and control; As a major researcher, developer and producer of railway rolling stock traction and control products in China, it is a designated company recognized by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and with qualifications for the independent development, manufacturing and tendering of urban rail (metro) vehicle traction system and network control system products. Its predecessor, China CNR Dalian Electric Traction R&D Center, a former branch of China CNR Corporation Limited, was founded in March 2001; in October 2013, it was overall restructured and re-registered as an independent corporate enterprise and became a first-tier subsidiary of former China CNR; in June 2015, with the establishment CRRC, the company, as a first-tier subsidiary of CRRC, began sustainable development and wrote a new chapter on the platform of CRRC. The R&D office and production and operation support of CRRC Dalian R&D present a “two-location” layout in Dalian. Lushun working area, as a major working area and corporate headquarters, with an area of 60,000 square meters, is used for the company’s comprehensive office management, core technologies research, development, manufacturing and test of major business products, national key libratory business, etc. Dalian Shahekou Working Area carries related work as an auxiliary working area and a window for foreign cooperation and exchange. CRRC Dalian R&D is a support organization of national key laboratory for EMU and locomotive traction and control, a national international technological cooperation base for EMU and locomotive traction and control technology, a intellectual property pilot unit in Dalian City, Liaoning Province and China, one of the first national IPR competitive enterprises, an unit attached to Liaoning Province rail transportation equipment electric drive and control engineering technology research center and the operating and management unit of the first oversea R&D center of China CNR (CRRC- Czech Technical University Joint R & D Center). CRRC Dalian R&D sets a wholly-owned domestic subsidiary- CRRC Wuhan Electric Traction Technology Co., Ltd. and an oversea company- CRRC (Czech) Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    CRRC Dalian R&D cultivates and gathers a large number of outstanding experts and technical personnel. In the employee team of more than 400 people, core technology research and development staff account for 70%, and those with doctorate or master's degree for 65%. There are more than 50 chief experts, senior experts and experts at joint-stock company level. Meanwhile, CRRC Dalian R&D forms a “reservoir of high-level personnel” through college industry-university-research alliances and oversea R&D center. A “truth-seeking, innovative, rigorous, harmonious and efficient” staff team is the inexhaustible power for the development and progress of CRRC Dalian R&D.

    CRRC Dalian R&D owns national traction and control key laboratory. It is equipped with over 20 laboratories including train network control system simulation laboratory, electric drive system simulation laboratory, inverter reliability simulation laboratory, network technology research laboratory, converter technology research laboratory, electric system experimental platform, flywheel stick-slip experimental platform, EMC laboratory, comprehensive environmental testing platform. The capacity and technologies of national innovation platform is leading domestically and advanced internationally, and the overall experimental capacity of the laboratories has passed national CNAS recognition, providing a fundamental guarantee for core technology research and product development; it is configured with complete product assembly, testing, inspection, delivery and customer service system, effectively supporting outcome conversion and product promotion applications; the company passed ISO9000 certification in 2008, IRIS system certification in 2012 and ISO14000 environmental management system and OHSAS18000 OHS management system certification in 2014. In 2015, it was successfully approved as a “Model National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base” and smoothly passed “National High-Tech Enterprise” recognition, IRIS system re-certification and OHS management system review.

    Through a dozen years of entrepreneurship and development, CRRC Dalian R&D has been committed to the research and application of three crucial technologies, namely network control technology, converter technology and system integration technology. It comprehensively masters the crucial technologies of electric traction and control in multiple fields including locomotives, EMU and urban rail vehicles and breaks through the technical bottleneck of being monopolized by foreign industry, with a number of achievements in the forefront of the industry and filling the domestic blank. A large number of technical results obtained have been widely put into mass engineering applications; the company builds and forms “international”, “national” and “provincial” technological innovation system and “system-level”, “component-level” and “core underlying level” product technology platforms, achieving a large number of technical patents and innovative results. Currently, the company owns more than 700 technical patents (invention patents account for 1/5). It has been ranking among top 30 by the quantity of effective utility model patents among national scientific research units; the company has successively rolled out a series of crucial technical products facing four target markets, namely locomotive/EMU, urban rail vehicle, track construction machinery and related diversification, providing overall supports and services for the locomotives, EMU, subways, light rail, trams, construction machinery manufactured by the companies under the banner of CRRC. A series of crucial products achieve the competition with domestic and international first-class products and are marketed in the international market, contributing Chinese wisdom and power for the development of the global rail transit equipment industry. The company also relies on its own practice to complete growth accumulation and drive into a healthy and rapid development track of “guiding business development with core technology”.

    Never stop moving forward! CRRC Dalian R&D will conform to the new trend of the global rail industry development, stand on the higher platform of new CRRC and stick to the overall development thought of “technical lead, quality management, characteristic development and achieving excellence”. Around four themes of “improving capacity, expanding business, strengthening management and building image” and on the basis of five basic principles of “advanced core technologies, different product R&D, diverse market expansion, fine corporate management and characteristic enterprise development”, the company pioneers, innovates and keeps forging ahead, compressively opening a new journey of world-class high-tech enterprises and writing a new “made in China” chapter of rail transportation equipment and related core industry technologies and products, and making new and greater contributions for “Chinese Dream”, “CRRC Dream” and “CRRC Dalian R&D Dream”!

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