Environmental Protection
China car industry is not high polluting industries, the production process mainly involves the technology of processing and manufacturing. However, Chinese Zhongche think environmental protection is an important corporate responsibility, thus seriously in the ordinary course of business, environmental protection measures and systems. China Zhongche operations should comply with the relevant waste water, waste gas, noise, solid waste management, environmental law, rules and regulations. Chinese Zhongche is committed to comply with the relevant provisions of Chinese and related national and regional environmental protection. At present China Zhongche all engaged in industrial production subsidiaries have been successfully obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certification. And the use of less pollution or non pollution, environmentally sound or less harmful raw materials and new technologies, and strive to prevent, reduce and manage the pollution caused by the production process.
Chinese car emissions in the production process of waste water, waste gas, noise and solid pollutants no beyond the permission of China. After dealing with internal standard discharge. In addition, China Zhongche for all construction projects were environmental feasibility study and environmental impact assessment, and in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection and the "three simultaneous", to ensure that pollution control facilities and the main project design, construction at the same time, at the same time put into use, ensure that we comply with production facilities environmental standards.
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