Rolling Stock

Type TY4B Invariable Tensile Force Unrolling Car

FORM: 20/07/2016 Browse number:391

Tensile force range  8.5 ~16 kN

Tensile tolerance  ±5%

Max. pressure of the

basic hydraulic system  16 MPa 

Max. pressure of the

brake hydraulic system  6.5 MPa

Max. Unrolling speed  ≤10 km/h

Reel mass   ≤ 3,600 kg

Reel shaft aperture  Ø80±0.5 mm

Min. diameter of the reel   ≥Ø1,000 mm

Max. diameter of the reel  ≤Ø2,500 mm

Max. Reel width                 ≤1,200 mm

Suitable contact wire model ≤150 mm2

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