846 metro cars signed with CTA

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On 15 April, 2016, CRRC Corporation Limited signed a contract with Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) for supply 846 new railcars. CRRC Chairman Cui Dianguo and Vice-President Yu Weiping attended the ceremony. The prototype cars are scheduled for delivery in 2019, and are expected to be in service the following year.

CRRC is also bidding for a double-decker train contract in Philadelphia, vice-president Yu Weiping told China Daily on 11 April, 2016 in New York. He also mentioned a bid for a subway project in Los Angeles during an interview with Bloomberg.

Yu said the two sides are finalizing the deal, and along with the order, CRRC will build a new railcar-assembly facility in the Windy City, generating about 170 jobs.

It will be CRRC's second facility in the US. Construction began on the first 220,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Springfield, Massachusetts, last September, and according to Yu, the work has been going smoothly, with completion scheduled for fall 2017. The first cars are expected to be delivered to Boston in 2018.

"We expand globally, and we operate locally," said Yu. "These local investments help us to adapt faster and establish relationships.

"The two facilities in Springfield and Chicago will provide about 300 direct jobs, and more indirect ones throughout the supply chain," he said.

CRRC also has taken a minority stake in a joint venture to manufacture freight wagons in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The company is also involved in a high-speed rail project between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

"The US will certainly have more and more high-speed rails," said Yu. He believes a high-speed rail between Boston and Washington DC through New York City is much needed, and the line would be profitable.

"CRRC now has a presence in 101 countries around the world," he said. "The US is one of our major markets."

When asked about CRRC's ultimate goal in the US market, Yu responded, "Like when one needs a car ride, he thinks of Uber. When he needs to take public transportation, he thinks of CRRC."

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