Liu Hualong Looks into the "Future Traffic" on BFA

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By Zhang Lipeng in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 13-Apr-2018

On April 9, the sub-forum of 2018 annual meeting "Future Traffic" under Boao Forum for Asia was held at Boao, Hainan. Liu Hualong, the President of CRRC, has participated in discussion of multiple hot topics.

"The first priority is green, second efficiency, third wisdom, and fourth harmony. This is our direction to build rail transit in future" said Liu Hualong. He pointed out that, safety is the foundation and safeguard for rail transit, and technical innovation is the premise to foster development. Technological development will certainly bring a series of changes for industrial revolution.

Technologies drive green development and also promote wisdom development. "Fuxing CRH" is a typical innovation representative of Chinese railway and realizes full-course self-management and full life-circle management, as well as remote control during the entire operation process. As for metro, CRRC manufactured unmanned metro not only meets domestic demands, but also has been exported to some Asian countries.

"Now, people's requirements and management of time is different from the past. In past few years of development, HSR changed our life by speeding up the time, and time changes space." In future, efficiency will depend on comfort, no matter you take an express train, ordinary train, or metro——you can do your work, shopping or anything you want.


Liu Hualong also presented the problem about how to realize rapid transit since gauges differ in various countries, as we still have the meter gauge, wide gauge, and standard gauge. CRRC will launch a 400km/h express train by 2020, and now the project has entered a critical stage.

As for the new material you concerned, we will also make a breakthrough on application of carbon fiber on rail transit by 2020. Now we have made breakthroughs on both metro and HSR carriages. Therefore, you can expect a bright future for rail transit.

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