CRRC continues to support Europe with epidemic prevention materials

FORM: 24/04/2020 Browse number:722

In this connected world, we are in the same boat to weather the storm together. After rushing to the relief of multiple countries suffering from the severe pandemic, CRRC continues to deliver epidemic prevention materials to Ukraine and German along the “Belt and Road”.

On April 23, CRRC Datong donated over 29,000 masks that comply with the European standard to Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure via the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, along with epidemic prevention materials like disinfectant and hand sanitizer urgently needed by the Ministry of Infrastructure, to support local epidemic prevention and control.

Actively responding to the call of the German government and Chinese Embassy in Germany, and entrusted by CRRC, on April 24 local time, CRRC ZELC donated epidemic prevention materials, including 1,000 protective gowns, 20,000 FFP2 masks and 80,000 disposable medical masks, to hospitals and medical institutions in Berlin via German Red Cross. These materials will be distributed among medical workers and volunteers at the front line, supporting Germany in its fight against COVID-19.


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