First two “Sky Blue” subway trains made by CRRC showed up in the ancient city Xi’an

FORM: 03/05/2020 Browse number:619



On May 3, the first two trains for Xi’an Metro Line 6 made by CRRC Dalian successfully arrived at Cepo Depot of Xi’an Metro Line 6, achieving high quality, high-efficiency and zero-error transportation. Service personnel on the site overcame difficulties like steep slope of the incoming line, and narrow space and darkness within the tunnel, successfully completing the handover and connection. Members of the after-sales service team will complete the preparation for handover of the remaining trains to be delivered to the depot to ensure that conditions for operation are available and the trains can be put into operation on schedule.

Xi’an Metro Line 6 is a backbone line in Xi’an’s rail transit network. 25 trains are planned for the Phase I project of Line 6, and 28 trains for Phase II, both adopting B2 models. Each train-set comprises 4 motor-cars and 2 trailers, and the highest running speed is 80km/h.


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