First fully automatic subway train made by CRRC arrived in Taiyuan

FORM: 04/05/2020 Browse number:777

On May 4, the first fully automatic subway train made by CRRC Dalian for Taiyuan was transported to Xiaodiannan Depot of Taiyuan Metro Line 2. Trains for Taiyuan Metro Line 2 are A-type stainless steel vehicles, and fully automatic technology is adopted, representing the maximum requirements and highest level of design and manufacturing for subway in China. Compared with the traditional aluminum-alloy vehicle body, stainless steel vehicle body has the advantages of good corrosion resistance and low operation and maintenance costs, as well as low-carbon environmental friendliness, safety and reliability, and comfort.

Phase I of Line 2 of Taiyuan’s rail transit has a main track that is about 23.6 kilometers in total, which runs through north and south of Taiyuan city. It is the first metro line of Taiyuan. According to the schedule, Phase I of Taiyuan Metro Line 2 will enter the joint commissioning and test stage in June this year, and is expected to start pilot run at the end of the year, when Shanxi will end it history of no subway.


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