Nanning Metro Line 4 completed hot running and entered train on-line commissioning stage

FORM: 09/06/2020 Browse number:633

On June 6, Nanning Metro Line 4 completed hot running and entered the train on-line commissioning stage. The upper part of the gangway of compartments adopts the design elements of high speed trains for the first time – transparent glass is used, rendering an overall effect that is exquisite, premium and more business-oriented. 37-inch LCD screens are used to display the train dynamic map, with elements featuring characteristics of the Zhuang ethnic group incorporated into the picture, better guiding passengers’ travels. The “yellow belt” on the sides of the train runs through the whole train like a beautiful Zhuang brocade.

Metro Line 4 has 25 metro trains in total. As of now, 12 trains have been received and accepted. The Phase I project of Line 4 is the east-to-west backbone line in Nanning’s rail transit network, with a total length of 21.46 kilometers. The entire line is expected to be put into operation at the end of 2020.

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