Going to the West by high-speed train – Taiyuan introduces the first direct EMU train to Hohhot

FORM: 06/07/2020 Browse number:479

On July 1, the Q3 railway operating plan was implemented throughout the country. At 9:10 on the day, the D2792 EMU train with the name of “Guanyun” departed from Taiyuan Southern Station and headed for Hohhot, the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. This is the first direct EMU train between Taiyuan and Hohhot.

After the implementation of the plan, there will be 4 trains daily between Hohhot and Taiyuan of Shanxi, and the travel time between the two cities will be reduced from more than 9 hours to 4.5 hours. The trains between Hohhot and Taiyuan will connect cities including Hohhot, Ulanqab, Datong, Yizhou and Taiyuan, enabling residents along the line to make one-day trips to quality tourist resources like the Inner Mongolia Grasslands and Yungang Caves. The train will play an important role in enhancing the exchange between the Mongolian and Han nationalities, and promoting the economic and cultural integration and development of the two cities. Shanxi province and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region are close to each other geographically and go back a long way. The EMU train greatly facilitates regional economic cooperation, personnel exchange and cultural exchange.


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