CRRC exported locomotives to Kenya to assist its fight against COVID-19

FORM: 17/07/2020 Browse number:626

The Kenya Standard Gauge Railway is one of the major projects undertaken by Chinese enterprises in Africa. With the current COVID-19 spread in the world, Kenya’s railway transportation is playing a positive role in assisting local fight against the pandemic. On July 13, Kenya’s Mombasa-Nairobi Railway restarted passenger traffic, the first train to start operation during the pandemic. In the past 4 months, the volume of rail freight in Kenya shot up. As of June 30, the standard gauge railway handled 196,000 standard containers of cargo, including food and anti-epidemic materials.

The Kenya Standard Gauge Railway is an important part of the Eastern African Railway Network. Currently, 56 locomotives in total of passenger, freight and shunting models operating on the Kenya Standard Gauge Railway are designed and manufactured by CRRC Qishuyan. To ensure the normal operation of the railway, while putting a lot of stress on production, Kenya Maintenance and Repair Business Unit of CRRC Qishuyan analyzed the structure and responsibility split of the existing maintenance and repair personnel, especially the response capabilities of key positions, and made adaptive adjustment, providing strong guarantee for the completion of locomotive servicing and repair as well as regular maintenance.


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