Xiamen Metro enters the age of permanent magnet – the 1st permanent magnet traction train is put into operation

FORM: 13/08/2020 Browse number:875

Recently, at the Dongfu depot of Xiamen Metro Line 2, the train driver made the final servicing inspection before the train was put into operation. After the signal lamp and the railroad switch were confirmed to be correct, the train slow drove out of the depot, marking the service start of the 1st permanent magnet electric passenger train of Xiamen Metro Line 2.

The vehicle is made by CRRC Tangshan, while the permanent magnet synchronous traction system is made by CRRC Times Electric. This is another application of permanent magnet traction technology in metro trains after Changsha Metro. The permanent magnet synchronous traction system boasts technological advantages like lightweight, high efficiency and low noise. Xiamen Metro always upholds the concept of environmental protection, and stresses the importance of energy conservation and consumption reduction of the metro vehicle system. The introduction of the permanent magnet train brings better energy conservation effect for metro vehicles.

Currently, not many cities in China adopt trains with the permanent magnet traction system. The start of passenger transportation by the permanent magnet train means Xiamen Metro is in the forefront of the industry in the application of the permanent magnet traction system in China. Xiamen Metro will keep moving forward and continue its exploration to become a better provider and operator of beautiful city life.


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