CRRC Qiqihar exports railway cranes and supporting facilities to Nigeria

FORM: 18/06/2021 Browse number:381

On June 3, developed by CRRC Qiqihar Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., two 130-ton railway cranes and supporting boom flat cars were loaded at the Tianjin Port for delivery to the users. This is the first time CRRC exports railway cranes with bridge rescue capability.
The 130-ton railway crane with a retractable arm (Model. NS1301) is a product customized based on the needs of the Nigerian user. The innovative technology of joint support by telescopic outrigger and bogie is adopted, enabling entire-vehicle rescue operation on the bridge. The cranes will be used for the rescue work of urban railway rolling stock in Nigeria. They can also be used in operation like rail-laying, bridge erection, installation of components along the railway and loading/unloading of cargo, and installation and dismantling of equipment.
CRRC Qiqihar is a design leader in China’s railway freight cars and cranes. The company can offer products of multiple varieties, multiple specifications and multiple series through independent design and manufacturing.


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