First train of Tel Aviv light rail of Israel completes delivery

FORM: 28/06/2021 Browse number:203

Recently, the local assembly of the first train for Tel Aviv’s red line light rail in Israel successfully passed the quality inspection in the light rail vehicle maintenance base in Petadikwa of Israel, completing the delivery. This means the important milestone of the local assembly of the project was achieved as scheduled, laying a solid foundation for successfully meeting the localization rate of the project.

The local assembly of Tel Aviv’s red line light rail project involves seven processes, including cab seat installation and passenger seat installation, which started in May 2021, covering 44 trains from No. 47 to No. 90. The plan is to assemble four trains a month, and complete all the local assembly work in June 2022.

To ensure the successful implementation of local assembly, CRRC’s long-term customer in Israel attaches great importance to this project, and choose experts from the technology, manufacturing and comprehensive management teams to form a special taskforce. They go all out to complete the local assembly of 44 trains to ensure that the project can start operation as scheduled to benefit the people of Israel.


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