Ningbo’s first smart Metro train makes its debut

FORM: 08/07/2021 Browse number:231

Recently, the first train of Ningbo Metro Line 5 made its official debut in Jingtang’angen Depot. The first train is co-developed by Ningbo Rail Transit Group and CRRC’s Ningbo CRRC Rail Transit Co., Ltd. Type B vehicles are adopted, and each train comprises 6 cars, with a speed of 80km/h, a designed capacity of 1460, and a maximum capacity of 2062. The welding, painting, assembly, commission, after-sales service, and operation and maintenance are all localized. The train demonstrates the design concepts of innovation, energy conservation, safety and comfort.

The design of the headstock references the shape of the yacht. The indigo ribbons on the two sides of the train are simple but dynamic, outlining the images dolphins jumping out of the water. The map of stations has merchant ships on the Silk Road as its background, highlighting the rich culture of the city. The soft interior color and the simple interior decor improve the overall lighting condition of the car.

The train adopts the highest level of autonomous operating mode, and achieves fully autonomous operation and management including “autonomous running, autonomous return, autonomous inspection and autonomous repair”, saving manpower while increasing operating efficiency. Air conditioners with compound air outlets are used, changing concentrated air outflow to multi-point air outflow to bring passengers the experience of no feeling of wind and no temperature difference.


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