Inter-city Train made by CRRC highly recognized in Chile

FORM: 05/04/2021 Browse number:653

Recently, Chile’s Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications Gloria Hutt and her team inspected the 15 rail trains (42 carriages) developed and manufactured by CRRC Sifang Locomotive Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. in the Temoinsa plant in Chile’s capital Santiago. She said the arrival of the trains was “one of the most important milestones in the railway development” of Chile in recent years.

The “Chile inter-city train visit ceremony” was live-broadcasted real time to the public, which also introduced the project and the new trains. Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications Gloria Hutt spoke highly of the improvement these facilities and trains will make in Chile’s traffic situation.

From 2018 to 2019, Sifang Locomotive Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. signed contracts with Chile National Railway Corporation, providing diesel multiple units and electric multiple units for the three railways in Southern Chile. The first batch of rail trains arrived in Chile in February 2021. It is learned that this the first time in 40 years that the three railways have introduced new trains. The trains incorporate cutting-edge technology with high energy efficiency, and are equipped with air-conditioning, wireless network and accessibility facilities, helping to improve the life quality of the 1.2 million people along the railways, and providing them with safer and more comfortable travel experience. Next, these trains will be serviced and commissioned in Santiago, and will start official operation after completing 2,000 kilometers of trial operation.


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