Pure electric buses developed by CRRC delivered to Korea

FORM: 20/01/2022 Browse number:191

After receiving the first order of 10 buses at the end of 2020, CRRC again secured a batch order of 50 pure electric buses for the Korean market. Recently, the first 30 pure electric buses C11 customized for the Korean customer were successfully delivered.

Korea is one of the countries implementing the most stringent standards for new energy passenger vehicles. The repeated award of business to CRRC fully proves the outstanding capabilities of CRRC’s pure electric bus C11. C11 boasts functions like vehicle remote control and remote OTA, and is convenient to drive with extremely high safety level. The train adopts many user-friendly designs, like a separate USB charging port and an exit door button for each seat; and there are two wheelchair areas onboard, fully increasing the comfort level. Energy consumption and endurance mileage of C11 are equally impressive, having obtained the authoritative certification and full-amount subsidy from Korea’s Ministry of Land and Resources.

The order lead-time for this Korean project was less than 60 days from order release to delivery, very challenging for production, delivery and aftersales service. Various functions of CRRC collaborated with each other and overcame all kinds of bottlenecks in design, manufacturing resources and procurement lead-time, and eventually guaranteed the high quality and on-time delivery of the first 30 buses, perfectly interpreting the “CRRC speed”.


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