Laos-China Railway Co. Ltd. sent a thank-you note to CRRC

FORM: 21/02/2022 Browse number:322

Recently, Laos-China Railway Co., Ltd. (LCRC) sent a thank-you note to CRRC, expressing its appreciation for CRRC’s provision of quality railway equipment and aftersales services since the opening of the China-Laos Railway. It was stated in the note that the “Lancang” MU and the HXD3CA electric locomotive manufactured by CRRC have been operating stably since the railway started operation. Their quality is reliable, and there have not been any equipment issues during operation, enabling the on-time and efficient completion of the MU passenger traction task and the electric locomotive cargo traction task.

Meanwhile, facing the severe pandemic situation, with the support of CRRC Dalian and CRRC Sifang, the CRRC Laos integrated aftersales service station overcame many challenges, including tight schedules, heavy tasks, difficult site conditions and equipment availability issues, and completed the delivery of the MU and the electric locomotive, training, logistics assurance and maintenance as scheduled, demonstrating their excellent professional ability and upbeat attitude.

LCRC recognizes and appreciates the hard work of all the employees at the aftersales service station and expresses their desire for future cooperation between the two sides.


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