Overseas-version premium electric buses developed by CRRC arrive in New Zealand

FORM: 22/03/2022 Browse number:398

Recently, the overseas-version premium pure electric buses ET12 developed by CRRC were delivered to NZBUS of New Zealand in Wellington, capital of New Zealand. The is the third repeat order for the buses since the first delivery was made to Auckland.

New Zealand features many mountains and hills, while Wellington faces the sea with a high terrain, and there are strong winds in more than 200 days a year. For this reason, there are harsh requirements for the performance of new energy buses. Considering the local climate characteristics, CRRC adopted the scenario development approach and successfully completed product customization. The buses perform well in multiple areas including environmental friendliness, working properties, safety and high intelligence level. Light-weight design is adopted for the buses, supporting the green development of the product from the design. Meanwhile, new materials and new processes are used for the body, and the frame can support the full lifecycle of 20 years.

Moving forward, CRRC will continue to support China’s new energy bus industry. We will advance in brand, industry and technologies, and showcase the glamor of “intelligent manufacturing of China”.


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