CRRC signs new energy light rail train contract with Argentina

FORM: 10/05/2022 Browse number:205

Recently, CRRC signed a new energy light rail train contract online with Jujuy of Argentina. This is the first time that China’s light rail train enters the Argentine market.

It is learned that the train comprises two carriages, with a maximum capacity of 72 passengers and a maximum operating speed of 60km/h. Lithium batteries are adopted as the power supply, which will utilize the rich solar resources of Jujuy to bring green and comfortable traveling experience for passengers.

CRRC’s environmentally friendly design concepts perfectly match the green and low-carbon economic development strategy of Jujuy and are recognized by both the Argentine government and people. In the meeting, Mr. Gerardo Morales, governor of Jujuy, praised CRRC’s outstanding performance in Argentina, and said the successful implementation of the project will play an important role in promoting the development of the new energy light rail train in Argentina and even in other areas. He hoped to cooperate more with CRRC.


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