Mass-produced metro train by CRRC for Chicago successfully delivered to the user

FORM: 20/06/2022 Browse number:250

Recently, with the arrival of a fully assembled and commissioned metro train of the new 7000 series at CTA Rail Skokie Maintenance Facility, the metro train mass-produced by CRRC for Chicago was successfully delivered to the user.

With a new head shape complemented with a blue hood and new head and tail lamps, the CRRC-made train of the new 7000 series are highly featured and  recognizable. The train adopts multiple passenger-friendly facilities and new technologies, making it one of the most modern rail vehicles locally. The first eight trains of the project are expected to be delivered in this month, and the balance will be manufactured and delivered according to the operation needs of the user. Upon delivery, these new 7000-series trains will be put into operation in eight metro lines of Chicago to replace the existing trains, providing higher-quality transportation service for residents in Chicago.

After the Chicago metro train project started, CRRC built a rail vehicle assembly plant in the south of Chicago to assemble the 7000-series trains. Through localized manufacturing and purchasing, the project drives the business of supporting companies locally, and creates close to 200 employment opportunities for Chicago.


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