CRRC started mass delivery of C10 electric buses to Weihai Public Transport Group

FORM: 18/07/2022 Browse number:251

Recently, CRRC started to mass deliver C10 electric buses to Weihai Public Transport Group. The buses delivered will be put into operation in the No.1 Company and No.2 Company of Weihai Public Transport Group, bringing new experience of low-carbon travel for local people.

Based on practical aesthetics, the CRRC C10 electric bus has a coordinated design of the front enclosure and the back enclosure, integrating the aesthetic feeling and practicality, and is expected to become a “new landscape” of Weihai. The bus adopts enhanced anti-corrosion and smoke proof electrophoretic treatment process, and the handrail of facilities and equipment boxes onboard are all made of stainless steel, minimizing the corroding impact of the coastal climate in hilly areas on the bus. In addition, the buss is equipped with safety devices including intelligent parking, drainage, dual-tower dryer, tire pressure monitoring, and EBS electronic braking systems, significantly improving the vehicle’s active safety performance.

Moreover, the bus boasts the airbag shock-absorption driver seat, electrically adjustable defrosting rearview mirror, intelligent central control system (ICCS), 360-degree view, parking sensor warning system and active safety warning system, and all these will help to further reduce work intensity for the driver, improve the riding experience, and increase operational efficiency.


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