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On December 6, 2019 at local time, an activity, the Open Day for Relatives was hosted in an assembly workshop of CRRC Times Electric (Australia) Company at the Morwell town, about 100km from Melbourne, to express thanks to local communities, employees and their families for their strong supports in the past.

Before the activity, Wen Feng, the Deputy GM, on behalf of Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric (Australia) Co., Ltd., delivered a speech to welcome guests and participants.



Cr Dan Clancey, the Mayor of LaTrobe Vally, expressed his gratitude to CRRC for its role in local economic development and industrial transformation, and also put forward expectations for future progress and opportunities.



Gao Kang, the Director of Corporate Culture Dept. of CRRC, on behalf of CRRC, made a speech, and expressed warm welcome and good wishes to guests, employees and their families. He said CRRC is one of the world’s biggest rail transit equipment suppliers with the most complete varieties and advanced technologies. Today CRRC’s products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

He also pointed out that as a bridgehead for CRRC going global, Australia has played an irreplaceable role. On the basis of new concepts of win-win and multi-win, we have always upheld the development vision of “connecting the world, benefiting all humankind”, and worked with local Australians to develop the rail transit industry in Australia and gradually realize various localization in production, marketing, human resources and brands, thereby creating an ideal environment to fulfill his own goals and help all parties achieve success.

The Open Day activity aimed to open hearts to each other. It was a beneficial fusion across two different cultures, as well as hearty communication. We hoped that both Chinese and Australian employees would support each other and forge ahead to jointly create a beautiful life and a bright future.


Book Donation Ceremony

      In an assembly workshop of the Australia Company set up a multi-purpose room called “AusHome” for their employees by Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric. Both domestic employees dispatched to Australia and Chinese or Australian locally recruited can find their own worlds in this cozy Home.

      “On one hand, the Home provides books and materials related to Australian culture and English learning for Chinese at here to know more about Australia; on the other hand, it also offers English books introducing Chinese culture and customs to local employees, so that employees with different cultural backgrounds can learn from each other and achieve cultural integration.Employees not only communicate with each other at work, also bring their families into cultural exchanges in spare time through learning the other’s language.



      “In a book donation ceremony, Gao Kang, the Director of CPC Publicity Dept. (Corporate Culture Dept.) of CRRC, and Wen Feng, the Deputy GM of the Australia Company respectively donated books for “AusHome”, and Liu Gongping and Karl Alston, the separate representative of dispatched employees and local employees accepted the donation. In addition, Karl Alston, a native employee gave his thoughts on joining the CRRC family.


Gift Exchanges

      In the activity local employees’ families expressed that they have been gradually liking CRRC culture and Chinese culture and would like to be a spokesperson of these cultures.

      As Christmas approached, leader participants on behalf of CRRC presented special, traditional Chinese gifts to its employees and their families. Besides they also hung up small cards of blessings on the Christmas tree and made good wishes.


Food Communication

      Chinese employees introduced Chinese traditional culture like Beijing Opera, tea to Australian ones, and in turn Australians recommended local special dishes. Everyone spoke out freely and the atmosphere was very lively.

     In conclusion, the food exchange successfully ended this Open Day activity.




“Cloud Open Day” Activity in A Plant of Australia Melbourne Times Electric Company



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