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Based on the principles of objectivity, standard, transparency and comprehensiveness, the Report is the first about sustainable development in Australia published by CRRC. We’d like you, after carefully reading the Report, to have a systematic all-round understanding of CRRC’s sincere intentions, solid actions and achi...

2019 Theme Video about Social Responsibilities—Where is the Train Going?


The Report is our second about sustainable development in Australia, introduces CRRC together with interested parties diligently pursue the sustainable development and humanistic care at here and surrounding areas, promote local prosperity, improve people’s well-being, and take measures for ecological protection.

This is the third sustainability report issued by CRRC Corporation Limited in Australia. It elaborates on how CRRC, together with its stakeholders in Australia and its neighboring areas, has stayed committed to the pursuit of sustainability and humanistic care, which has contributed to local prosperity, a better life for people...
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