Published on:08/18/2021

Australia Sydney Double-Deck EMUs Project

In 2006 CRRC Changchun Railway got a subcontract of Sydney double-deck electric multiple units, and had delivered all vehicles in early 2014.In late 2016 CRRC Changchun Railway once again obtained orders of Sydney new double-deck EMUs. All vehicles had been upgraded on the basis of original mature platforms, to further improve passengers’ travel experience.Due to reliable features and excellent performance of vehicles, CRRC Changchun Railway had been unanimously recognized by users and operators. At the beginning of 2019 additional orders were placed and will be all put into operation in the middle of 2021.Train fleets already operated have occupied half of the transport market in Sydney, and become the most reliable commuting choice with the best local experience.。

Vehicle description:Trains are composed of 8-cars per set, four power cars and four trailer cars, and have a max. running speed of 130km/h.Their voltage system is DC1500V and they are designed as a 35-year service life.



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