Published on:06/30/2021

Hopper Car for Limestone

     Its car body is composed of traction sleepers, end protection devices, end walls, sidewalls, hoppers and bottom doors. Such body is of an all-steel welded structure; parts contacting limestones are made of stainless steel, and others are of carbon steel.Draw beams are of a welded box-type structure.Strikers and front/rear draft lugs are of a welded structure.Side walls are of an arc sheathing structure and end walls are of a slab-column structure.Each car is divided into three hopper areas by two groups of transverse ridges, and sets three sets of independent switching mechanisms, every set controlling two bottom doors. This structure is based on theprinciple of eccentric self-locking to open/close bottom doors with link gears rotating through dead points.End protection devices are connected to end walls and floors through bolts.The hopper car operates on 1,435mm gauge rails and used for limestone transportation.



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