Published on:06/30/2021

40t Axle Load Roy Hill Open Hopper Car for Ore

     It is used for breeze and ore transportation, and made of two-car groups, in which the main car is connected with the auxiliary one by traction rods. At one end of a car group is set fixed F-type couplers of E+ grade steel and the other end is rotating FR-type couplers of E+ grade steel. The hopper car is suitable for above 30,000t marshalling operation and unloading activities by double-car dumpers.It is mainly comprised of a car body, brake rigging, coupling buffers, bogies, etc.The car body is of an all-steel welded structure and a sidewall structure of outside columns; parts contacting cargos are made of stainless steel, and others are of high-strength weather-proof steel.It carries a EP60 type electro-pneumatic brake system, TMX-unit brake rigging, automatic parking brake rigging or gear-type hand brakes, SL-76 type buffers and low-power/control-type bogies.  。



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