Published on:06/30/2021

PN Standard Gauge Hopper Car for Ore

      It is dedicated for transporting minerals, gravels and other cargos, made of two-car groups, in which the main car is connected with the auxiliary one by traction rods, and also equipped with Quick-pack short buffers.
Its loading is performed at the upper opening, while the unloading depends on gravity at the central bottom.It is mainly comprised of a car body, bottom doors and switching mechanisms, brake rigging, coupling buffers, bogies, etc.The car body is of a structure of high-strength weather-proof steel, welded stainless steel and arc-cladding sidewalls, and parts contacting cargos are made of stainless steel.
It carries a pneumatic split bottom door for gravity unloading and a switching mechanism, an ECP electro-pneumatic brake system, automatic parking brake rigging, E/F-type couplers, twin-pack buffers and control-type bogies.



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