Published on:06/30/2021

Double-Deck Automobile Flat Car

     It is dedicated for car transportation.It is comprised of a car body, automobile fastening devices, brake rigging, coupling buffers and bogies. The wagon body is of high-strength weather-proof steel welded structure and consists of double-deck underframes, guardrails on both sides and ferry boards at one end. The lower guardrail is a welded structure of columns and expanded metal meshes; both upper guardrails and ladders are of a removable structure, and the board is of a flip structure.Movable automobile fastening devices are used, and according to automobile size, adjusted with respect to their locations.
It carries an air brake system with WF5 control valves, TMX-unit brake rigging, TSPB2 automatic parking brake devices, E-type couplers, twin-pack buffers and control-type bogies.




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