Published on:08/23/2021

MRL Hopper Car for Ore

      It is a hopper car for iron core, and suitable for transporting powder ore, which are between 6~40mm in sizes and 5~10% in humidity and feature high clay content and poor fluidity.Its loading is performed at the upper opening, while the unloading depends on gravity at the central bottom.It is mainly comprised of a car body, brake rigging, bottom doors, switching mechanisms, coupling buffers, bogies, etc.The car body is of a welded structure, and parts contacting ore are made of stainless steel and others made of high-strength weather-proof steel. Pneumatic split bottom doors for gravity unloading and switching mechanisms are adopted. Power-receiving contact boards are set diagonally on the car body, so when passing power supply devices installed at the unloading yard, hopper cars can receive control signals and drive cylinders to open/close bottom doors.It carries an air brake system with ABDX control valves, gear-type hand brakes, F type couplers, friction springs or rubber buffers, and low-power action bogies.




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