Brief Introduction of CRRC Meishan Co., Ltd

The company, CRRC Meishan Co., Ltd., affiliates to the CRRC Corporation Limited, it was established in 1966. As one of the leading companies of new build railway freight wagons in China, it ranks the top three companies. It is the main development company of new type freight wagon with heavy axle load, and the leading company of brake system for railway vehicle and the standard formulation company in fastener industry. In 1991, the company was upgraded to the ‘State First Class Company’. It has won the ‘State Company Management Excellence Award’ — ‘Golden Horse Award’, and the honorary titles including ‘State Advanced Ideological and Political Education Company’, ‘State May Day Labor Award’, ‘The High-tech Company of State Developing New and High Technology Plan’, ‘State Demonstration Company for Implementing Integration of Information Technology and Industrialization’, ‘State Advanced Company’, ‘State Environmental Friendly Company’, ‘Outstanding Contribution Award’ awarded by CRRC and others.
The company mainly develops, manufacture and sell the railway freight wagons, the brake system for railway locomotives, passenger coaches and freight wagons, the fastening connection system and the logistics equipment, it has three subsidiaries including fastener subsidiary, brake science & technology subsidiary and logistics equipment subsidiary, and two branch companies including cast steel branch and information technology branch. It has the capacity of annual production of 8000 railway freight wagons, 60000 sets of brake products for railway locomotives, passenger coaches and freight wagons, 60 million sets of fasteners and 1500 special purpose auto-trucks. It is the first company to export whole railway freight wagons in batches in China, so far, it has produced nearly 150000 railway freight wagons, nearly 10000 whole freight wagons exported, the whole freight wagons and parts covering 49 countries and regions.
The company's technological innovation ability ranks the forefront in the industry; it has complete technology research and development system in design, process and test verification. It has ‘State Accredited Technology Center’, ‘State Accredited Laboratory’, ‘State Class Post-doctoral Workstation’, ‘Sichuan Province Fastener Engineering Center’, ‘Fastener R & D Center of CRRC’ and ‘Meishan City Academician (Expert) Workstation’.

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