We always consider for customers, and build star project actively, which is satisfactory with customers.

In recent years, CSR Meishan Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. has increased services, configured adequate resources and vigorously implements the after-sale service "four-one " project. There are 26 members in after-sale centers; we have set up service site in Beijing, Shenyang, Lanzhou, Guangzhou; the four sites covers the after-sale of the whole railway. Adhering to the after-sales service guiding ideology of “take the customers as center, vigorously implement the“four-one” project, and improve the timeliness of service; the customer satisfaction rate has always maintained above 85%.

The "four one" project:

First, our company establishes a standardized and perfect after-sales service management system.

Our company establishes after-sale service management manual and procedures according to ISO9001, 2000 new edition and completed the guidance documents and systems relative to service process and normalized and improved the after-sale service process.

Secondly, we build a fast and smooth service information access.

First, we increase the after-sale service initiatively, expand visiting coverage and send after-sale service team of 100 people to visit 18 nationwide Railways Bureau and its subsidiary depot every year. Second, we provide technical training and technical exchanges for customers On-site for Bureau and depot at transport hub. Third, we provide technical service for costumer on site every half year; Fourth, we actively adapt to the production and management pattern of “more variety, small batch”and continue to improve after-sales; we spent special person to visit grain hopper cars, C80GF coal open top car and other products to ensure the smooth feedback information of new product quality.

Third,We build a unified and coordinated after-sale commanding service.

Our company has established a after-sale service emergency leading group, which is responsible for the after-sale service under emergent state; and we also constitute contingency plan to deal with unexpected quality problems; thus the emergency preparedness, coordinating and emergent responding capacity of the after-sale service is strengthened.

Fourth, we create a professional dedicated after-service team.

First, we strengthen the business skills training, and organize special training actively for after-sales service personnel for C70, P70, C80B, NX70, and other new products.

Second, we strengthen the professional ethics training; our company has developed a series of incentive and constraint system, the implementation of competition for employment, performance evaluation, and elimination, thus strengthen the pressure and power for service personnel to provide customers with excellent quality service.

Service promise:

First,We will carry out all service work according to the requirements of the tender and contract and establish special costumer technical service plan according to characteristics and technical requirements of the products.

Secondly, our company will give reply to the various problems raised by customers within 8 hours. We will arrive at the scene and deal with the quality problems appeared in the operation within 24 hours after receiving the relative information, and finish the treatment within 48 hours to ensure the normal use of vehicle products.

Thirdly, in product quality guarantee period, if the quality problem is caused by the product itself, we will provide free maintenance, replacement parts etc. or compensation services to ensure that normal operation of vehicles.

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