1、Company’s after-sale service organization

Company’s after-sale service organization is set up in the quality management department; its name is after-sale service centre of quality management department of CSR Meishan Co., Ltd. It has 26 after-sales members in existence. In addition,the subsidiary company such as Sichuan Brake Technology Co., and Tongsheng Fastener Company and other companies have set up full-time customer service organization and is equipped with special customer service staff. Currently, the company has formed after-sales service management system based on after-sales service center coordinated with the subsidiary service organization, equipped with sufficient personnel organization and adequate resources protection.

2、Company’s after-sale service network

To ensure that the customer information can be effectively handled in time, service work responsibility area of should be clearly defined in accordance with the layout of the Railway Bureau. There are 10 responsibility areas, each area is designated a person responsible for it; According to the requirements of the "Convention on the after-sales service of the railway wagon ", joint guarantee service station for after-sales service of the railway wagon is set up in the East Lake Railway depot; Build the full-time technical service team of brake and rivet in the subsidiary, and carry out a full range of technical services to customers aimed at the characteristics of the products. Full range of technical services network has been established in the center of company, which cover joint guarantee sites of after-sales service based on ten responsibility area, and cover 18 railway bureaus (companies) of the entire road and 38 wagon depots.

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