As one of the most powerful manufacturer for railway freight equipment, we are committed to creating an international renowned enterprise, the first-class rail equipment supplier in china. We enhance to improve the international common quality standard; we concern, respect different ethnic and culture and communicate with them. Over the years, we have successively provide Chinese railway with more than 80,000 vehicles of various types for different goods and provide Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and different regions of different needs with high-quality products and personalized services. We have obtained the user's widely reorganizations and established long-term friendly cooperative relations.

We are at a great time of change; under the background of world economic globalization, the competitive environment, competitive mode and competitive content of Chinese enterprise are changing deeply and prominently. The innovation and development is the eternal theme of the enterprises. If we want to survive, we must develop ourselves; if we want do grow, we must innovate. To achieve enterprise of high level, high efficiency, and sustainable development, we must develop our enterprise finely. Constructing railway equipment of international advanced level is our development goal and also is the obligatory responsibility and mission of all staff of CSR Meishan Co., Ltd.

Relying on core technology, excellent equipment platforms and extract craft of the staff, we will always provide our clients with high quality products and sincere service. With desire for success and happiness and adhering to the honest of serving the country and society sincerely, we will work hard wisely to cooperate with customers of the world and open up the bright future of the rail transport industry.

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