Culture is the foundation of internal resources of the enterprise. If the company is a tree, the culture is root of the tree; and the health of the root determines the prosperity and evergreen of the tree. Where does our enterprise from and where does our enterprise go to, what do we strive for and how we strive? The ideal, beliefs and values of our enterprise, culture answers these fundamental questions about the enterprise survival. The China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company bears the supreme glory of promoting the national industry and also undertakes the great mission of modernizing rail transportation equipment. We need to unite forces and intelligence. Only a common value system, joint work attitude, work methods and business processes can achieve common enterprise. We understand each other by communication; we practice for identity of each other. The construction significance of the enterprise culture is here and the value is also here.

The consistency of the enterprise culture kernel and the kernel of the brand

---The kernel of the China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company culture is "responsibility." The compelling responsibility for state, society, shareholders, users, staff, South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company. This responsibility is reflected in prospering national industry, the sustainable development transportation mode, excellent returns to shareholders, providing customers with services and products with added value, and setting up a platform for the career development of the staff..

---The kernel of the CSR is also "responsibility." Providing customers with comfort, safety, reliable product is the solemn commitment of the CSR.

---The kernel of the CSR, the responsibility of the enterprise and the kernel of the CSR brand is not only complete coincident in letter but also have a consistency from form to kernel.

Ideal, core values and value orientation

Ideal: prosper equipment manufacturing industry, catch up with world-class industry.

Core values: When drinking water, we must think of its source, the interest of shareholders is supreme; the needs of customer are always our forward momentum.
 People-oriented, each employee shares success with the China South Locomotive

Values orientation: human values are higher than the value of the substance – our enterprise can create high-quality products, but also can create higher-quality personnel.
 Social value is higher than the value of profits——the highest state of the enterprise exists in her social value, not merely profit.
 The value of the user is higher than the value of production-all the vitality of the enterprise is derived from the needs of users.
 Team's value is higher than the value of the individual - the company's success is the success of employees.

Enterprise spirit and style of work

The integrity, professionalism, innovation and surpassing enterprise spirit are promoted actively.

Integrity: we must behave sincerely and treat people honesty and do not tell lies, do not do virtual things.
Dedication: as we have already got into this work, we shall do it perfectly, and do not snub as if we are treading on thin ice.
Iinnovation: do not take the past experience as burden; we shall challenge ourselves constantly and is receptive of new things.
Surepass: we shall set new benchmark constantly, and then surpass it; we must remember the new benchmark is set by ourselves.

Actively promote the style of work of pursuing novelty, speed, realistic, and superior.

Pursuing Novelty: pursuing novelty is not flubdub, and also not creating something new; it is advancing with the times, innovate from small things; and innovate the product research, development and management; it is to create a atmosphere of pursuing novelty, and to tolerate the "losers".

Pursuing speed: pursuing speed is not fickleness, yet not fast and not good. It is moving faster than other people and thus obtaining success; we must be agile, then the action can be fast.

We must work practically. The work we done must be satisfactory to ourselves, to colleagues and to our leaders.

To be excellent: we must do better than our past, than our outstanding staff, and the past of the enterprise, and the pioneer of this industry; we must strive to work better.

Business philosophy

---CSR is a young company, which is re-integrated and established in twenty-first century, which is full of vitality.
    Our company was founded 100 years ago, is the cradle of the Chinese industrial civilization. We accumulated abundant management connotation in the long century
    Summarizing, refining, enriching the philosophy one century long history, we will inherit the good tradition and also keep space with the times.

--- Our philosophy is to lead the enterprise go on right way and do right thing.

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