CRRC Yongji Electric Co., Ltd. (Yongji Electric), established in 1969, a core subsidiary of CRRC .

As a scientific and technological enterprise in the development of electric transmission and new energy power products and providing electric transmission system solution to global users, Yongji Electric is the largest development base for traction electric transmission device of locomotive and EMU as well as the largest enterprise for providing wind power generator in China.

Yongji Electric owns five internationally advanced innovative and manufacturing platforms of motor, converter, power module, high-voltage & high-power IGBT and system integration, and has advanced test stations for DC, AC, combined test (for locomotive, EMUs), high-power wind power and environmental simulation test approved by China National Accreditation Board for Laboratory (CNAL).

Yongji Electric adheres to in-depth research on the core technology of electric transmission for railway transportation and expand the technology application, and explores to achieve the operating pattern of market diversification. The products and markets cover the business fields of rail transit, wind power generator, emerging industries, services and overseas operation, etc.

Yongji Electric aims to be an internationally competitive solution provider of electric transmission system. Yongji Electric focus on two major fields of transportation equipment and energy equipment which cover three major products of high-end chips, key component and system integration. The leading electric transmission core technology products will benefit the community as a respected enterprise in the industry and society.

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