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NPC Deputy Zhou Qinghe: The First Commercial Maglev 3.0 will Roll off the Assembly Line in Early 2020

Source: DateTime:2019-04-11

The NPC deputy, chairman of Board and Party Secretary of CRRC ZELC Zhou Qinghe announced that China’s first self-developed commercial maglev 3.0 is scheduled to roll off the assembly line in early 2020. The driverless maglev train is designed to run at the speed of 200 km/h, filling a gap of this speed class in maglev transportation system globally.

      Zhou Qinghe said, compared with Maglev 1.0 (100 km/h) and Maglev 2.0 (160 km/h), Maglev 3.0 has many breakthroughs in technology. The former contact power supply is replaced by non-contact inductive power supply, and former short stator asynchronous motor is changed to long stator synchronous motor. Besides, traction inverter is also moved from the bottom of the car body to the ground power station.

(Translator: Lili HE)

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