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CR EMU Run on the Roof of the World for the first time

Source: DateTime:2021-07-14

On June 25, CR highland power-centralized EMU ran out of Lhasa station. So far, China's railway CR EMU realized the full coverage of the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in the mainland.

Led by China National Railway Corporation, a joint research and development team has been formed, including CRRC ZELC, CRRC Dalian CO.,LTD and CRRC Puzhen CO.,LTD to jointly produce and develop the EMU. The highest speed of the EMU is 160 km/h. It adopts the type of 3-motor cars and 9-trailer cars, and can be extended to 12 trailer cars. It realizes a number of technologies to fill the gap in the industry and reaches the world's leading level.

The EMU is on the basis of China's railway equipment technology high speed development, the demand for drawing the latest results, it is successfully developed to further enrich the "Renaissance" product portfolios, strengthen the "Renaissance" EMU leading advantage, continue to polish the "Renaissance" national business card, lead high quality development of railway mobile equipment.

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