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The First Metro Named “Silk Road” Made in Sinkiang was Rolling Out

Source: DateTime:2017-10-31


On 28th September, a metro with length of 140m and height of 3.8m was rolling out in Sinkiang that makes Sinkiang to realize “zero” breakthrough in rail transportation industry.

On that day, the “Silk Road” metro was rolling out in CRRC Urumchi CRRC Rail Transit Eqiupment Co.,Ltd.

The exterior design adopts white color as background with blue belt. The head outfit adopts “U” shape which means the first letter of “Urumqi”. The car-body uses white, blue and orange color.

In the metro, a citizen of Urumqi was taking a photo for himself and the metro.

“The metro is clean, wide and comfortable. I only took metro in inland city, but now we can take metro in our own city. I am proud that we can manufacture metro in local. The supporting facility is as good as the one in inland. We are expecting for its official operation.” Said by a citizen named Liang Xinxin.

The president and secretary of party committee introduced that the rail transportation will facilitate the travel of citizens. Moreover, it can improve the environment and make the city more comfortable. The first metro made in Sinkiang fills the blank in local rail transportation sector and also a gift for the 19th CPC national congress.

Considering the local condition, the vehicle for metro Line 1 realized many innovative designs such as multi-passage evacuation and multilingual speech broadcast. In addition, the train can operate well in extreme weather condition.

The length of metro line 1 in Urumqi is 27.6km with 21 stations. The metro is A type which uses 6 cars formation. The highest operation speed is 80km/h.The total length of trainset is 140m with height of 3.8m including the inner height of 2.1m.

“We will seize the time to make all citizens to take the metro made in local in next year. The quality will definitely be guaranteed.” The vice general manager of Urumqi Metro Corporation Li Qingkai said.

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