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China "Metro Maintenance Vehicle" Export to Malaysia Favored for low emission and costs

Source: DateTime:2017-11-28

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Malaysia recently re-purchased China's rail transit products. Two metro electric battery engineering vehicles produced by CRRC ZELC will serve the project of Metro Line 2 in Malaysia.

CRRC ZELC has advantage of more than ten years of technical experience in electric battery engineering vehicles d. Based on previous vehicles exported to Singapore,Malaysia engineering vehicles make optimal design according to local adaption. Driven by a third rail or driven by a battery-powered storage, it is also equipped with on-board backup drive power; this vehicle is also equipped with advanced signaling and radio systems that can enable real-time communication and monitoring via the vehicle control center to ensure safely running..

As a representative product of green and environmental friendly, it has advantages of low emission, low noise, slight vibration and small impact. After operation, it will greatly improve the maintenance environment along the line, ensure constructors’ physical and mental health, and minimize environmental pollution. According to professionals, a 30-year life cycle of a battery-powered electric vehicle can reduce the carbon emissions by 2,000 tons compared with the same diesel-powered(diesel) engineering vehicle and save operating costs about 7 million RMB. It’s a trend from diesel engineering vehicle upgraded to battery engineering vehicle in the domain.

This type of products developed byCRRC ZELC has been highly favored by clients since 10 years.CRRC ZELC won the bidding of Singapore electric battery engineering vehicles for two times and entered Australian market last year. In China, 2015, CRRC ZELC won totally 23 electric battery engineering vehicle for Guangzhou Metro line, which is the largest purchasing project in single bidding and the largest amount in China of metro electric battery engineering vehicle. CRRC ZELC also won the orders of electric battery engineering vehicle in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Chengdu and other cities.

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