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CRRC ZELC’S Technology & Culture Exhibition Center Opens

Source: DateTime:2017-12-27

       The CRRC ZELC Technology & Culture Exhibition Center, of which the shape of the building resembles a sea bowl, is affectionately called the "Super Bowl" by the staff. It looks like a beautiful eye from the bird' s eye view, therefore it is also known as "the eye of wisdom." It is the first modernization professional hall of China's rail transit equipment enterprises.

On December 26, 2017 CRRC ZELC’s Technology & Culture Exhibition Center opened. Former Director of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works and Former chairman of the Board of CSR Zhao Xiaogang, Former Director of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works Ding Aiguo, Former party secretary of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works  Meng Chuanqing, Former Board chairman of CRRC ZELC Liu Ning, the Chinese academy of engineering and Former Vice Chief Engineer of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works Liu Youmei, as well as the various periods of plant-level leaders Yang Xinmen, Zhu Xiaoxin, Shen Jinxin, Su zenghuo, Zhou Chongwen, Chen Buqiu Su Zenghuo, Zhou Chongwen, Chen Buqiu, Ling Jianyi, Gui Linfang, Tang Dishu, Li Ping, Qian Zhongyi, Zhao Liangqiang etc. chairman of the Board and Party Secretary of CRRC ZELC Zhou Qinghe and other senior executives, principals of each division, and some restructuring of enterprises, schools, hospitals and related principals of Former Director of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works participated in the ceremony. Li tiesheng, executive director and general manager of CRRC ZELC, introduced the construction of Technology and Culture Exhibition Center. The ceremony was presided over by liu zhiping, deputy party secretary,secretary of committee, chairman of the labor union of the company.

The “Super Bowl” is 16.45 meters high, and the main body is special steel structure, and is a bowl shape without column support, with a steel amount of about 1100 tons. profiled steel pipe, truss beam and support are intersected and connected to form a woven oval bowl-shaped space structure, showing an industrial beauty.

"Super bowl" has total three floors, 29 main exhibition items, 1400 m2 graphic design, hundred exhibits and sand table model, scene restoration display. It is divided into three chapters: with the world, with dreams, and with the future, three-dimensional rendering the bearing of the company, profound cultural background and strong technology force, showing a leading enterprise image of "responsibility, leading".

After the visit, Zhao Xiaogang highly appraised the exhibition center. "I have visited so many large companies in the world, and this is unique." Said by Zhao Xiaogang.

At the initial stage to launch construction of the "Super Bowl", it set a target of "being the No.1 in industry and first-class in worldwide, giving a sense of trust to customers, a sense of pride to employees, and a sense of warm to the public ". Its construction embodies higher prospective of top-level design, stronger industrial innovation and deeper cultural thinking of CRRC ZELC’s employee.

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