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CRRC ZELC Held 19-Meter Hand-written Party Constitution Scroll Donation Ceremony

Source: DateTime:2018-01-03

       On January 3, 19-meter hand-written Party Constitution scroll donation ceremony was held at CRRC ZELC's Technology & Culture Exhibition Center. Zhou Qinghe, the Party Secretary and Chairman of CRRC ZELC, received a special gift from an ordinary Party member -- a 19-meter hand-written Party Constitution scroll. The ceremony was presided over by Liu Zhiping, deputy party secretary,secretary of committee, chairman of the labor union of the company. Relevant Party directors and representatives attend the ceremony.

The author of this gift is Li Xiayong, who is a employee in the Mass Transit Division of CRRC ZELC. He said after the 19th National Congress of the CPC, Party organizations at all levels actively carried out the conference spirit, as a Party member, I also wanted to show my respect, so there came into being the 19-meter hand-written Party Constitution scroll.

The length of the scroll is 19 meters, which means the victory of the 19th National Congress of the CPC; It is 40.5 (81/50px) width, which means that our company having 81-year long history is in youthfulness; It has 1,000 lines, which means the business of CRRC ZELC will last long under the leadership of the Party. This scroll is displayed  in Technology & Culture exhibition Center for visiting.

In 2018, CRRC ZELC will actively implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and National state-owned enterprise’s CPC Conference, to make the Party construction of CRRC  become a "gold card" and a respected international company.

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