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The Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Twittered: this morning, I took ETS made by CRRC ZELC to Tanjung Malim, it’s very comfortable!

Source: DateTime:2018-02-09

At local time February 3 morning, ETS EMU EG9022 had a nice passenger——Malaysian prime minister Najib and his wife Rosmah, accompanied by Malaysian transport minister Liao Zhonglai. The Najibs boarded ETS EMU at Kuala Lumpur central station.

At 7:55, EG9022 began to move. Najib and his delegation were interested in the interior decoration and passenger information system. They also warmly chatted with the passengers.

At 8:25, Najib walked into the cab, checked the running status and talked with the driver kindly. When he knew the vehicle running smoothly and the system working properly, he gave approving nods.

At 9:30, after an hour and a half of running, EG9022 successfully arrived at the destination, TANJUNG MALIM.

At end, Najib wrote on Twitter immediately to cheer for ETS EMU developed by CRRC ZELC. He said, “Taking ETS EMU is very comfortable, we need to get more ETS EMU to serve more passengers.”

As the meter-gauge EMU with highest speed in the world and the core of Malaysia's public transport system, the safety operation of ETS EMU is very important. CRRC ZELC Overseas Division offers excellent service according to customers’ need, sticks to 7 days 24 hours full-time service mode, and provides powerful guarantee for ETS EMU.

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