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"Rush to Work" for Overseas Bases of China's Rail Transit Equipment Enterprises

Source: DateTime:2020-07-17

At 10 PM on May 27 local time, Wang Xinyu boarded an ETS2 meter gauge and sped away from the manufacturing base in Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia. Along the way, he intently watched and tested the train at different speeds.

Wang Xinyu, 34, is an employee of the Urban Transit Division of CRRC ZELC. He was assigned to the CRRC ZELC'S ASEAN Manufacturing Center in February 2019 as the after-sales service captain of ETS2 meter gauge EMU.

"Due to COVID-19, field trials were delayed by two months and resumed on 12 May. Dynamic commissioning is being carried out to ensure that the vehicle is ready for delivery as soon as possible." Wang Xinyu said.

In 2010, CRRC ZELC won orders of nearly 4 billion RMB for intercity EMU from Malaysia, which was the first time that China-made electric traction EMU were exported overseas. Later, with the further promoting of "Belt and Road Initiative", CRRC ZELC plant took root in the Malaysian market and explored the mode of "local manufacturing, local procurement, local employment, local service and local marketing".

In 2015, ETS meter gauge EMU exported by CRRC ZELC was launched in Malaysia, with an average daily passenger of more than 10,000 on the 600-kilometer north-south route between Kuala Lumpur, the capital, and Batam. In 2019, CRRC ZELC started to produce the "upgraded" ETS2 meter gauge EMU locally in Malaysia.

Wang and his colleagues had to work day and night to catch up with the time set by the epidemic. During the day, they check whether the running parts, equipment and cables of the vehicle are intact and correct, check whether the operating system in the driver's cab is normal and accurate, and record the operating parameters of various parts of the vehicle to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the train. At night, they set up test equipment, communicate test procedures, carry out dynamic performance tests, and test the data of vehicles at different speeds……

"We must rush as fast as we can to make up the time lost due to the epidemic!" Wang Xinyu said. Work from before dark till after dawn. It was 5 a.m. when he returned to the base workshop.

"Whether it's a domestic base or an overseas base, we're working non-stop to make sure orders can be delivered normally." Wang Xinyu told the reporter.

According to Huang Hai, head of CRRC ZELC'S ASEAN Manufacturing Center, the ETS2, currently in the mass delivery phase, was manufactured in Malaysia by local staff.

Now, CRRC ZELC set up three subsidiaries in Malaysia, with 90% of its employees coming from the local area. It has cultivated nearly 1,000 rail transit professionals for Malaysia and established long-term cooperative relations with more than 600 local suppliers, effectively promoting the local economic and social development.

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