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The Guangzhou Huangpu Tram developed by CRRC ZELC made a stunning appearance

Source: DateTime:2020-08-14

The tram has a total length of 37 meters and four sections, with a capacity of about 360 passengers. The use of super-capacitors to improve the stability of power supply realizes fast charging and discharging at the station, ensuring operational endurance. During the period from boarding to alighting by passengers, charging can be completed within 30 seconds, and more than 80% of the energy can be recovered during braking, forming super capacitor energy storage for green and efficient recycling.

The appearance of the first tram is mainly red, and the carbody is decorated with snow and plum, making it a beautiful moving landscape of Huangpu.

Guangzhou Huangpu Tram is the second tram project of CRRC ZELC in Guangzhou after the Haizhu Line project.

(Translator: Lili HE)

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