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China's first High-power Dual-source Electric Shunting Locomotive launched in CRRC ZELC

Source: DateTime:2021-01-27

On December 26, China's first zero-emission high-power dual-voltage electric shunting locomotive launched in CRRC ZELC.

This locomotive gets rid of the "bondage" of the catenary, can freely shuttle in the area which has electricity and no electricity. It has got rid of the exhaust pipe of the traditional shunting locomotive, which can achieve zero emissions, low noise and no pollution. Each train can reduce carbon emissions by about 100 tons per year. It also customized "warm measures", without being afraid of the cold, which can easily pull 5000 tons and quickly complete the train marshalling.

It is green energy saving, intelligent and convenient, safe and reliable.

(Translator: Lili HE)

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