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Guangzhou-Hankou Railway Zhuzhou Locomotive Factory shortlisted into national industrial heritage

Source: DateTime:2021-06-15

On June 11, the 5th China Industrial Culture Summit Forum with the theme of "Carrying Forward Industrial Culture and Enabling High-quality Development" was held in Changchun.

During the forum, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology awarded the third batch and the fourth batch of units selected as national industrial heritage projects. Guangzhou-Hankou Railway Zhuzhou Locomotive Factory (CRRC ZELC) was successfully shortlisted into the fourth batch of national industrial heritage list, among which only three units in Hunan Province were selected.

This is another great honor for Guangzhou-Hankou Railway Zhuzhou Locomotive Factory after it was shortlisted into Hunan province level cultural relic protection unit, industrial heritage of central enterprise of the state asset administration commission, and the first batch of industrial heritage protection list in China.

In addition to the preparation office, the joint workshop and the preparation office (reconstruction) of Guangzhou-Hankou Railway Zhuzhou Locomotive Factory, the scope of shortlist also includes old objects such as shaper beds.


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